Gas Warm Air Heaters

Johnson & Starley have been established since 1922 and have long been recognised as the UK's leading supplier of innovative Home Comfort Solutions to the UK domestic heating market.

The company helped to pioneer the first popular domestic central heating system in the post war period and since then its innovative and exciting approach to the market has resulted in a succession of the highest quality heating and ventilation solutions.

As a supplier to the installer, developer, private and social housing sectors, the company has earned wide recognition for the quality, reliability, ease of installation, quiet operation and long life of its products.

Economaire is a family of warm air heaters designed to meet the standards expected of a central heating system tor the millennium. The heart of the design is an electronic panel utilising digital technology and microprocessor control.

Critical management of Hue gases and heat exchanger temperatures result in the warmth delivered to each room being accurate to 0.1 degrees ensuring exceptional comlor As the system heats the air direct, warm up time is virtually immediate, and system efficiency is optimised.

The option of Cleanflow Electronic Filtration will provide your system with the added benefit of filtered air within the home. With the heating unit running on full demand the air in the house will pass over the heater six times per hour. At every pass the air will be filtered and 95% of airborne pollutants down to 1 micron removed. Particles such as pollen, house dust and cigarette smoke will be removed.

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