auroTHERM flat plate collectors
The auroTHERM plus VFK 150 flat plate collector has a special anti-reflex coated toughened 4mm thick glass. The collector consists of an ultrasonically welded copper grid with a high selective absorber coating and 60mm rear and side insulation. The whole assembly is encased in a polished aluminium frame for a neat construction.

The collectors can be connected in series in horizontal or vertical orientation to suit the available roof space. An extensive range of accessories are available for pitched or flat roof, and the added option of in-roof installation means that the flat plate collector can be fitted in virtually any situation.

The collector has the benefit of a 10 year warranty. The auroTHERM VFK 145 flat plate collector has the same high build quality as the auroTHERM plus VFK 150 but with a more basic specification.

Grant Solar Thermal System
Grant Solar Thermal has unique installation features. The Solar Pump Station incorporates an air eliminator that allows the system to be both filled and purged of air in a single operation. Unlike other arrangements there is no need to install an air vent on the roof and also no need for regular maintenance. Grant Solar integrates easily with conventional water heating systems.

Installing a Grant Solar System has many advantages. Apart from reducing the amount of fossil fuels used, and the resultant savings in annual fuel bills, the reduction in harmful emissions will help minimise the long-term effects on the Earth's climate.

Grant Solar Collectors can be quickly and easily located above the root tiles or slates using brackets and a mounting rail attached directly to the roof trusses. This system is available with fixing brackets suitable for all roof tile types including slates, on roof pitches ranging from 20 to 60 degrees.

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