Oil Fired Boilers

With an established history of over 30 years designing, manufacturing and supplying a wide range of highly efficient and reliable products, Grant has become a firm favourite for many heating engineers and householders when choosing a new or replacement oil-fired boiler.

The name 'Grant' has in recent years become synonymous with highly efficient oil-fired central heating appliances. Designs like the 'Multi Pass' boiler achieved efficiency levels far in excess of any UK or European Standards and have helped thousands of homes to reduce their annual fuel bills. So it will come as no surprise to see Grant yet again leading the way with the Grant Vortex oil-fired condensing boiler range.

A great deal of media coverage has been given to global warming and the environmental damage caused by burning fossil fuels.There are many contributing factors, but one area that can make a significant difference and reduce the amount of harmful greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is to install a more efficient central heating boiler. Older oil-fired boilers, designed at a time when very little consideration was given to environmental issues, can operate with efficiency levels as low as 65%.

A modem oil-fired condensing boiler, like the Grant Vortex, has been tested and approved to operate at very high efficiency levels, achieving a considerable reduction in harmful emissions, whilst also lowering annual fuel bills.

With constantly rising luel costs, an ideal way to ensure your household is as energy efficient as possible would be to combine your new Grant oil-fired system with a renewable technology like Grant Solar Thermal. This easy to install option can provide up to 70% of your hot water needs and is the perfect match with oil-fired condensing boilers.

Despite the sophisticated technology employed In the development of new products. Grant's design engineers have kept true to the original Grant concept of simplicity in installation and maintenance which are essential ingredients of today's heating systems. Grant products are manufactured from the highest quality materials and designed not Just to meet, but to exceed all relevant performance and environmental standards.

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